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Baranovichi, Brest Oblast
Belarus, 225410
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- is a leading civil engineering company in Belarus. We offer precast concrete for modern construction projects
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About us

Baranovichi Reinforced Concrete Factory was created in line with the BSSR Construction Ministry’s order No 59 of 10 February 1965. The enterprise was commissioned on 8 February 1968.

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The open joint-stock company Baranovichi Reinforced Concrete Factory employs 615 people and includes:

• molding shop for shaping reinforced concrete products
• reinforcement shop for installing reinforcement
• concrete mixing shop
• transport division with a warehouse to store ready-made products and with a woodworking shop
• civil engineering division (for major overhaul and renovation of key assets of the company)
• mechanical testing shop
• master power engineer service
• master mechanic service
• lab
• canteen
• retail shop

In line with the new Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus Baranovichi Reinforced Concrete Factory was re-registered on 31 May 2000. Registration certificate No 00197 was issued in line with Brest Oblast Executive Committee resolution No 332 of 31 May 2000. The name of the company is national manufacturing unitary enterprise Baranovichi Reinforced Concrete Factory.

As part of state property privatization Baranovichi Reinforced Concrete Factory has been converted into the open joint-stock company Baranovichi Reinforced Concrete Factory. On 15 December 2009 the Brest Oblast Executive Committee entered the Baranovichi Reinforced Concrete Factory into the unified state register of juridical persons and self-employed businessmen.

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