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XX century construction material

Due to their technical and economical parameters concrete and reinforced concrete remain the most used construction materials. They represent the bulk of the output of the world’s construction materials industry. Branded as the XX century material, reinforced concrete has a firm foothold on the market and regularly expands it by substituting expensive metals. Concrete and reinforced concrete have revolutionized building technologies by enabling the construction of long-term, massive and unique buildings and installations. Specialists believe that reinforced concrete will stay at the forefront of civil engineering in the XXI century, too.

A report filed by an expert commission of the European Union to outline civil engineering prospects in Europe till 2025 lays down requirements that advanced construction materials have to meet. Those are, in particular:

minimal extraction of natural resources for the sake of manufacturing and maximum use of products and byproducts of other industries
higher durability and longevity in comparison with existing materials
compatibility with other kinds of materials
high aesthetic and architectural qualities
ecological friendliness in manufacturing and usage

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