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- is a leading civil engineering company in Belarus. We offer precast concrete for modern construction projects
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Dear Sirs,

Thank you for showing interest to the products of our company. We would like to provide you with the offer of a Polish logistics operator. It’s a large company which is called «Terminus Group».

At the moment  they  offer comprehensive services for the movement of cargo which includes:

transport service,

customs Service,

storage service.

The customs agency offices in Bialystok, White  Podlasie,  Bobrowniki  and Forge provide comprehensive services in all customs procedures and simplified procedures. The company  offers  its  customers expert advice, customs and tax representation and, if necessary, represents  them in the appeals.

 Contact «Terminus Group». Surely they  will meet your expectations.

15-399 Białystok,                                                                    

ul. Octowa 26,

Tel. +48 85-674-35-20

Fax: +48 85-733-66-59

NIP: 542-322-32-82




Maciej Przeździecki

Tel. kom. +48 661 336 222

Skype: maciej_przezdziecki


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OJSC “Baranovichi Reinforced Concrete Products Plant” is the largest enterprise of building and construction industry of the Republic of Belarus. The enterprise was established in 1968. Nowadays it is the leading manufacturer of precast concrete which supplies manufactured goods not only in Belarus but also exports to many regions of Russian Federation and to the Baltic states. Now the manufacturing capacity is 200.000 m? of precast concrete per year. The enterprise is located at a big railway and highway junction which allows to deliver goods promptly to any destination in Belarus or abroad. OJSC “Baranovichi Reinforced Concrete Products Plant” is a leading enterprise of building and construction industry in the Republic of Belarus producing a wide range of precast concrete for industrial, house and agricultural building, for nuclear power stations, power constructions and road building. 1.CONCRETE POSTS FOR POWER TRANSMISSION LINE SUPPORTS 2.REINFORSED CONCRETE SLABS FOR ROADS 3.REINFORSED CONCRETE PRESTRESSED SLABS PAG FOR AERODROME PAVEMENT used for modern construction sites including ports and airports 4. FOUNDATION PILES, class I, СЕ 5. NON-STRESSED AND PRESTRESSED HOLLOW CORE SLABS, СЕ 6.REINFORCED CONCRETE COVER SLABS FOR BUILDINGS AND CONSTRUCTIONS 7.REINFORSED CONCRETE COLUMNS FOR BUILDINGS AND STRUCTURES including products with a category A2 surface in a formwork made of plywood more >

  Dear Sir/Madame,


We would like to take the opportunity to introduce our company.

 We are OJSC “Baranovichi Reinforced Concrete Products Plant”, the largest enterprise of building and construction industry in the Republic of Belarus (Eastern Europe). We offer precast concrete for modern construction sites including ports, airports, sport complexes, etc. The manufacturing capacity of the plant is 200.000 m3 of precast concrete per year.

 Nowadays we are the leading manufacturer of precast concrete which supplies manufactured goods not only to different regions of our Republic but also exports them to Russian Federation and to the Baltic countries.

 We have experience in delivering concrete constructions to different construction sites. Our slabs PDN, PAG-14, PAG-18 are widely used to build roads and sites for high-tonnage vehicles, making floors for warehouses and other industrial sites, as well as for large terminals.

Our slabs PAG-14, PAG-18, piles, and concrete floor slabs received European Union Compliance Certificates.

For further information concerning our products please visit our web-site http://zhelezobeton.by/en.

We are ready to offer you outstanding quality of the products on affordable prices.

Should you be interested in cooperation or have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us by email bkzhbk@mail.ru or by phone

(+375 163) 48-42-58.


V. Dichkovsky


Enterprise Director




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Dear  partners!


You can get discounts with our spring and summer SALE!


OJSC “Baranovichi Reinforced Concrete Products Plant”  offers special prices on reinforced concrete prestressed slabs for aerodrome pavement, reinforced concrete slabs for roads and concrete posts for support of power transmission line.

We promise quick order shipping.


For further information please contact us via email bkzhbk2008@mail.ru or by phone (+375 163) 415237.



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Baranovichi Reinforced Concrete Factory team would like to wish a Happy Victory Day to everyone whose families, relatives and friends fought in World War 2.

We believe that their sacrifice and braveness will be forever remembered and celebrated throughout the generations to come.

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Dear Partners!

We would like to wish you and your families a Happy Easter!

May you be blessed with good health, love, longevity and prosperity this Easter!  

Celebrate this Day with a heart filled with peace, joy and cheer!




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